Craig Taphorn ‘honoured’ to win Golden Cat Award

Craig Taphorn admits he was ‘honoured’ to receive the Golden Cat Award at last week’s CAT Radio awards night.

The Radio Production student, originally from Denver, Colorado, hosts his own remix show every Tuesday at noon on The Cat Radio.

The night celebrated all things Cat Radio with awards including Best Male, Best Female, Best Newcomer and Unsung hero.

On receiving the Golden Cat Award, Craig said: “I am shocked by that. I love doing the remix. I love the music I play which is the music of my childhood.

“I am quite honoured, actually a little lost for words. Thank you very much to Will (Dell) and Cat (Warren), who do indeed deserve every compliment they get and thanks to Michelle (Ponting).”

You can listen to Craig receiving his Gold Cat Award below>>>


Special thanks to @AGVisuals for his brilliant photography.


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