Students put on the Greatest Showcase

After weeks of planning, the North West Media Centre played host to ‘The Greatest Showcase’ – and it certainly lived up to its name.

The end-of-year show celebrated work produced by Media Department students throughout the 2017-18 academic year.

Second year students produced a live-streamed TV programme, radio broadcasts, an exhibition, social media content and a Greatest Showcase brochure.

The show attracted lecturers from different courses, students from across the university and invited guests who came to admire some fantastic work.

Lecturer in visual communication Mike Pumford helped oversee the project as part of the level 5 Experiential Learning module and believes the show was a great success, enabling students to run a large scale event independently.

Mike said: “I’m very pleased with how well the show went.

“The Experiential Learning module is always a fascinating experience for students because they get to see lecturers come out of formal lecture mode, and transfer into industry mode.

“This can sometimes be an eye-opener when the reality hits that they have to produce something that’s real, outward facing, with a budget and to a strict deadline.

“As much as possible is left for the students to sort out themselves, which is how it is in the real world.”

The TV programme featured interviews from undergraduates studying Sports Journalism, Photography and Media Studies as well as a live acoustic performance from our very own Wynn Warlow.

Trey Watts, a Media student involved on set, admitted producing a live TV broadcast was a difficult but enjoyable process to participate in.

Trey said: “Although the show had a few minor hiccups, all things considered I still think it was a huge success.

“Being behind the camera makes you realise how serious the event is when you go live.

“I’ve learnt how fun and stressful preparing and performing a live TV broadcast can be.”

Around the building were photographs, magazines and videos produced by students from across all years of a range of Media Department courses.

Sports Journalism student and exhibition leader Oscar Clarke said organising the display was hectic at times but insisted the skills he learnt will be useful for the rest of his degree.

Oscar said: “Running an exhibition was good but slightly stressful as every fine detail had to be right or it could disrupt the flow of everything else.

“My Photoshop and Premiere Pro skills are now a lot better as I’ve had to edit videos and pictures. This will help me massively when it comes to my Sports Industry Project next year. I am more confident now.”

Overall, the students can be proud of their efforts in creating a truly entertaining show for everyone to enjoy.

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