PODCAST: Welcome Home Friends

Welcome Home Friends is the brainchild of final year BA Radio and Music Production student Max Rushton, who produced the following story-led podcasts for assessment on the Radio Project module.

The four part series hosted on a standalone website demonstrates the innovative creativity and practical excellence of students in the University of Chester’s Department of Media.

Each episode is available below, or skip across to Max’s website to listen there with extra features.

EPISODE 1: The Spark That Starts The Fire

With the world turned upside down, and The Unit tracking down all survivors, Riley and Taylor sneak into one of the governments facilities to find out if the rumours of the North being an unoccupied settlement are true. All goes according to plan, but The Unit arrive to carry out a new operation….

EPISODE 2: Far From Home

Moving ever closer to the North, Taylor becomes suspicious of Riley. It’s almost as if he has something to hide…

EPISODE 3: The Doctor Will See You Now

Finding out they may still be being tracked, Riley and Taylor head to the Sightline Hospital to attempt to remove their Delta Chips, but it’s not as easy as it seems….

EPISODE 4: Home At Last

Not knowing where they are, or what has happened. Riley and Taylor find out the truth about the Delta Chip…and who turned the world upside down.

*Visit the Welcome Home Friends website for more from Max

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