Dragons take championship to the wire after battering Hatters

By Chloe Weale

The atmosphere in the Racecourse was ecstatic as Wrexham took National League title decider to the last match of the season.

After a throw in from Ben Tozer, Ollie Palmer sent the ball zooming into the back of the net after a header to put Wrexham ahead.

Minutes before the second half, Paul Mullin made the Stockport fans stoop lower into their seats, as he added another goal to the game making it 2-0.

The game was all in Wrexham’s hands as not long into the second half when Palmer scored his second goal of the game.

Stockport had a strong start to at the start of the match and potentially could have claimed the first goal of the game.

Wrexham’s defence was then threatened again as Scott Quigley broke into space but he was not able to score has Wrexham’s goalkeeper Christian Dibble forced him to go wide.

The Red Dragons’ first chance came when Paul Mullin performed an overhead kick but his shot was tipped over the crossbar by Hinchcliffe.

Moments later, Max Cleworth had another chance as his header was flicked just wide of the left post.

Palmer then stormed through Stockport’s defence in the 34th minute to head the ball into the back of the net.

Mullin had a chance to double Wrexham’s lead just before half time as he struck the ball with his right foot but the ball flew into Hinchcliffe’s hands.

Wrexham’s third goal came not long into the second half as Palmer scored a header in the 46th minute sending the Wrexham fans crazy.

Paddy Madden was one of two Stockport players to create chances for his team with an amazing strike but he sent it well over the crossbar.

There was silence from the away end as Wrexham fans drowned them out with their chanting and singing.

Jordan Davies was awarded a free kick just outside the box which almost gave Wrexham another goal as the ball narrowly went over bar.

The second opportunity for the Blues was nearly created by Liam Hogan as he headed the ball from a Cranchshaw cross but it went wide of the goal.

A cross in from Jordan Davies gave Ben Tozer a perfect opportunity to send the ball into the back of the net.

Tozer almost added a fourth goal for the Red Dragons minutes before the final whistle but failed to do so.

After a game which ended in 3-0 to the Red men, Wrexham now focus on their away game to Dagenham on Sunday, May 15.

Wrexham need a win on Sunday and for Halifax to win against Stockport in order to win the National League.

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