Elton John – Live Review (O2, London)

By Izzy Hayden

Passion races across the entire 02 arena as the iconic Elton John shuffles through the blazing lights onto the stage for his Farewell tour. It’s absolutely astonishing that one man who looks so small on the immense stage can get a crowd going so feral.

Then again, it’s Elton John.

Of course he can. 

‘Bennie and the Jets’, an iconic and enthusiastic song, begins, and Elton utterly dominates the piano. His fingers race at an incredible pace showing such an extraordinary talent unlike anything I’ve seen before. The lively beat and explosive sing along lyrics have the audience launching to their feet ready for the immaculate 23 song set.

As he continues through his set Elton’s outfit is unmissable. Bright colours and glitter shimmer in the light and can’t be ignored, even from the back of the stadium. The distinct piano that opens ‘Rocket Man’ sends the crowd turbulent. Screams are immediately echoing from people’s mouths in excitement while others begin to tear up knowing they are about to witness an emotional masterpiece live.

Meteor-shaped lights spin across the audience creating a mesmerising view. It goes without saying that the transcending song matches with the lights to create a hypnotic experience. Over the years, Elton’s vocals haven’t changed and he still sings with such beauty and influence that many artists would be hard pressed to match by the time they are his age.

More mellow songs like ‘Someone Saved My Life Tonight’ pass by before reaching the last few tracks. The best songs are unquestionably saved till last. From the uplifting, motivational ‘I’m Still Standing’ through to ‘Saturday Night’s Alright For Fighting’, there’s no better songs to forget your problems and simply be in the moment dancing your heart out. The encore then consists of three songs – ‘Cold Heart’, Elton’s latest top charts hit, ‘Your Song’ and ‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’. Happy faces all around the room when ‘Your Song’ plays. People begin hugging and dancing with their loved ones to the heartfelt lyrics.

‘Goodbye Yellow Brick Road’ – my favourite of his songs – begins, and I know the show is about to end. But wow. What a send-off. Bright yellow confetti cannons blast and rainbow lights dance into every corner. The crowd affectionately shout out the lyrics with so much love for a man they know they will never have a chance to see perform live again.

Finally, the outright legend stands up and waves around the stadium taking in every moment and looking truly proud and thankful to be where he is. He leaves in style by strolling to the back of the stage where a lift carries him into the air before he disappears down his yellow brick road.

(Photo: Izzy Hayden)


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