Black Spiders – Can’t Die, Won’t Die Album Review

How many bands excite you right out of the gate? Black Spiders have certainly done that for me.

Their debut album titled ‘Can’t Die, Won’t Die’ manages to encompass hard-rock, shoe gaze, and grunge to maximum effect.

The album is full of incredible tracks that feel akin to the likes of Concrete Blonde, Danzig, and ZZ Top. The first leg of the album radiates hard rock energy, with song’s like ‘Hot Wheels’ that feel designed for the morning commute.  It captures that feeling of having a coffee in one hand, steering wheel in the other, and that feeling of euphoria that ensues. The album feels edgy, but maintains an upbeat flow that gives you energy for days. 

The drumming on the record gave me a sensation I don’t think I’ve felt before. It feels like a kick in the teeth, so it’s no surprise that these guys have been confirmed for Download. There is a subtle reminder of Slash in the way the guitars sound. This album isn’t something that shouldn’t be sniffed at, because it’s hard rock, guns blazing, the force of clenching your fists, and that energy just rarely exists outside of music.

Some bands don’t get the coverage they deserve, despite being more consistent to fans and the production of music than most mainstream chocolate-starfish bands. The music industry is very difficult to excel in, with so many new bands/artists, the deluge of streaming options, and of course nepotism. 

The Black Spiders need to be in your catalogue of music, mainly because it’s hard rock, fun, and has more energy than a Duracell bunny. There’s a certain element of dad rock done right in this band, to be more specific some hairy baboons with guitars and cool cars. I find It really interesting, even though this won’t be for everyone, I beg you to give them a try.

If rock n roll had a mid-wife, it’s The Black Spiders.

By Jac Taylor

Image from Official Black Spiders ( Album out 12th May

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