Romcoms are BACK! Prime Video Releases The Idea of You

By Gianna Murphy

Prime Videos’s newest romance film, The Idea of You hits both cinema screens and your screens in early May, however I was lucky enough to attend a private online screening of the film ahead of its release. 

With fans of the star-studded cast (The Devil Wears Prada‘s Anne Hathaway and Red, White & Royal Blue‘s Nicholas Galitzine) blowing up social media in excitement, it was already sure to be a night none of us would forget any time soon. 

Admittedly, I was a little apprehensive going into this movie. With the plot straight out of a Wattpad story and leading actors seemingly straight out of Vogue, it initially seemed like just another Harry Styles fanfiction (which ironically is what the book by Robinne Lee is)…but within the first few minutes of the film, it was made abundantly clear that they (thankfully) moved away from the source material. 

The film centres around Hayes Campbell, lead singer of the boyband August Moon, who meets older woman Solene backstage at Coachella. The two of them hit it off immediately, in typical meet-cute fashion, and Hayes even serenades her that night at Coachella with a song he seemingly whips out of his back pocket about…you guessed it, being with an older woman. It’s ridiculous and cheesy, two things that set the standard for the perfect romcom. 

Despite their characters being both 40 years old and 24 years old, one thing Hathaway and Galitzine made sure to bring to this movie was chemistry, and lots of it. Their scenes together feel so effortless and flowy and are a true testament to the sheer talent both of them radiate. The two of them together are delightfully funny and impeccably charming in all scenes ranging from their adorably coupley to the beautifully shot and articulated intimate scenes that make you thank your lucky stars that they aged up Hayes’ character from the book. It would be a tragedy for this film to be the only project they work on together. 

As for the music aspect of the film- there are no criticisms. Nicholas Galitzine’s vocals with the skills of writers and producers who worked alongside One Direction is a match made in musical heaven. Having listened to the majority of the songs from the album that appeared in the film, there is not a single bad track. Each one of them brings back 2014 in the best way possible. Welcome back, One Direction!

If I had to be nitpicky, however, there are a few things that stuck out about this film. The first is the costuming. From badly fitting jeans on the boyband members to a tragic looking beard on Hayes in the later part of the film, Prime Video’s costume department should be fired. The second being that the only person who ever seemed to be singing was Hayes. It would have been nice to have heard more from the other members of August Moon. 

Overall, this film is an instant four stars. It would have been five, but a star is being taken away because of the beard. Check out The Idea of You in cinemas and on Prime Video.

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