Catch the Brexit Debate on The Cat Radio

Are you confused by Brexit? Do you want to find out a bit more? Or is politics simply just your thing and you can’t get enough of it?!

The Cat Radio recorded a recent Brexit debate arranged by University of Chester’s Student Union. And you can listen to it on Thursday evening from 6-7pm (Feb 7th).

The following panellists were all in attendance to provide their views on Brexit and whether the UK should leave or remain in the European Union:

  • Lord Andrew Adonis. Labour Party politician, academic and journalist. Following the 2016 Brexit referendum Adonis became a key proponent of a second referendum.  
  • Chester for Europe chair Noel McGlinchey. 
  • Third Year University of Chester politics student Michael Mitchell. 
  • Johnathan Starkey. UKIP. 
  • Brendan Chilton. Labour MP for Ashford, Kent. 
  • Third Year History student and president of the Debate society Adam Thornton.

    Tune in to The Cat Radio for the special Brexit debate on Thursday (Feb 7th) from 6-7pm / 1251AM or online

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