Budding Reporter Shows News Does Not Stop

An eagle-eyed journalism student impressed the professionals when she witnessed a crime and immediately started taking notes.

A final-year Journalism BA student, Meghan Edwards, yesterday saw what appeared to be an attack on an emergency services worker.

After making sure she was at a safe distance, and the police services had been alerted, she decided to put an article together for the local newspaper, the Winsford Guardian.

The experienced journalists at the newspaper immediately spotted the story’s potential.

Josh Pennington, audience and content editor for the Winsford Guardian, said: “Meghan gathered the details and sent over a short report to us accompanied by a photo and contact information, keen to assist further, before we even knew anything about it.

“The details were verified by the police – her copy was accurate, tightly-written, and legally sound. We were very grateful for her help.”

Despite feeling “shaken up” by the incident, Meghan went to work immediately.

She said: “I had never seen anything like that before and my first instinct was to record it in case anything happened!

“My second instinct, weirdly, was to write about it!”

Dr Rhian Waller, Meghan’s personal tutor, said: “Life has changed, but the news doesn’t stop. Meghan showed she has real journalistic instincts.”

Read the Winsford Guardian story here.

“police car” by 28704869 is licensed under CC BY 2.0

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