Gallery: Sophie Mcfarlane. PERCEPTION 2020

Part of the PERCEPTION 2020 series. Digital photography students at the University of Chester responded to a challenge to respond to the theme of perception.

Work and words by Sophie McFarlane.

She moves through time as if flowing and observing a place once thriving with life.

The rooms are left bare, textured and unkempt.

Remnants of historical energy fill the open surroundings, exciting the senses.

She enjoys solitude and imagining what life would have been like. No one can see her. No one can hear her.

She is free to be whoever she wishes to be.

The aim of this series of images is to evoke mystery and wonder and a love for solitude. The use of portraiture combined with intuition aims to capture the true nature of the soul through movement, light and expression of emotion.

Who are we when no one is watching?

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