Single Review: IDK and Denzel Curry – ‘Dog Food’  

By Tyler Carter

The block is hot. IDK and Denzel Curry on a track together will always result in an instant classic. The single is the second to be released from IDK’s upcoming EP Simple, set to arrive in early May, following the release of ‘Taco’ in April.

Straight from the get-go, the energetic instrumental comes in with full force: Dark, gritty and hard hitting. IDK goes back to his iconic flow on this track, with the classic background clicks to boot. The chorus “The block is hot” is in homage to Lil Wayne’s 1999 track ‘Tha Block is Hot’, referring to the police being nearby. The track is reminiscent of artists like Isaiah Rashad or JID with the pelting continuous beat. It sets an exciting tone for the forthcoming EP.

IDK’s verse on the track is filled with thick, close-knit rhymes delivered in a groggy yet funky tone. IDK has moved away from the trappy, euphoric sounds of USEE4YOURSELF and gone straight in with real, street driven bars. He’s sounding hungry again, and it’s definitely something to get excited about.

The flow switch into the post-chorus is melodic, with IDK rapping about the ‘cold block’, representing a lack of love on the streets and how they can change up at any moment. The shift in tempo here represents the unpredictability of the block. The main beat is exciting and erratic while the post-chorus is softer and gentler. The change of pace is a much-needed breather before the second half of the song, featuring Denzel Curry.

Curry raps the second verse, making it IDK and Curry’s first collaboration since the critically acclaimed hit ‘BULLETPROOF’ on IDK’s 2020 album IDK and Friends 2. Denzel Curry’s iconic four-bar rhyme makes the verse hit hard, and he even switches to Spanish for a bar as if English alone wasn’t enough. It’s great to hear more from him off the back of Melt My Eyez See Your Future and his impact on features hasn’t changed a bit. Curry still has the ability to take over a track with just one verse… and proves that in ‘Dog Food’. Crisp yet grimy vocals and a killer flow easily make this one of Denzel Curry’s best features to date. 

Kaytranada’s production never fails to impress, the track coming together even with so much going on but without overloading the song. The transitions between the catchy chorus and tough verses are clean and the track has some serious bounce to it. It’s good news that the two time Grammy winner will be producing more tracks on the EP, coming this month.

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