Record Store Day a success for local Chester business

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Record store day has been a godsend for the world of vinyl collecting, and is dedicated to those who prefer to support artists by purchasing physical copies of music. The day has helped to reignite people’s love for collecting records, and given many a new (and very expensive) hobby. Avid fans have been known to queue for up to 24 hours before the event starts in order to get their hands on exclusive limited edition records. 

In an age where any song can be streamed instantly, it’s easy to see why the majority have opted for a streaming service for as little as £5 a month. It’s impossible to explain why you would choose to listen to an unportable piece of plastic instead of streaming it, or why you would spend hours searching eBay for a record you already own three copies of because its ‘fun’. But for those who understand this obsession, the day is pure magic. 

Record store day gives fans the opportunity to support artists properly. New releases, re-releases, and special editions are usually held and released on Record Store Day, giving people all the more reason to queue for hours on end for those special vinyl’s. 

11pm on Friday night was where the queue started, with many joining in the early hours of Saturday morning for a chance to get their hands on these limited vinyls and new releases. 

I spoke to Ronnie Moore, owner of Up North Records in Chester, to discuss what the day was like for his shop. “Even in this current climate, I think this was the biggest queue we’ve had.” Despite the cost of living crisis, people haven’t forgotten the importance that buying vinyl has for artists and record shops alike. 

Vinyl is becoming more and more popular every year, and this certainly is true for Up North, with Ronnie saying, “it was our best one yet.” Even though the method of music listening is seemingly regressing, it’s positive to see how more people are latching onto how much vinyl is helping the music industry. It’s gives artists the money they deserve for their work and benefits independent record stores. What’s not to love? 

So next time Record store day rolls around, support your favourite artists, local records stores, and keep this way of enjoying music alive. You can own some of the worlds most exclusive records, be the first to listen to new songs, or maybe one day be the answer to someone’s month long eBay search!

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