Eloise – ‘Drunk On A Flight’ Album Review

The debut album for singer/songwriter Eloise is finally here. Aiming to please with a lo-fi vibe and soothing melodies, it can fit any mood you wish. 

The new album explores the feelings of a breakup, and the road to recovery that comes with it. It’s safe to say Eloise has spoken to a whole generation of people in a similar situation. This album is full of reminiscing, anger, and deep sadness. It can’t help but make me feel like we were there to witness the whole thing, front row at a performance where I was the only member of the audience. 

Opening the album with ‘Drunk on A Flight,’ it immediately gives us a sense of a more chilled out vibe with elements of R&B in the production. It feels quite musically diverse with different elements pulling together to create a unique gospel, choir like feel. Eloise comes in with a brutally honest style, and you can’t help but be drawn into the album.  

The second track ‘Make It Better’ signals a tonal shift, with a more upbeat, bouncy energy. It gives me an angsty feel, almost “I told you so”. On this track we see the energy increase again  with fast-paced lyrics in which she explores where the relationship began to fail, and what happened in the days leading up to the split.   

Previously landing herself a spot-on Bruno Mars tour in 2019 and with some of her songs gathering appreciation from Billie Eilish, Eloise’s talent cannot be denied or taken away. Her debut EP This Thing Called Living even collected over 25 million streams. This next album will hopefully follow in the footsteps of her EP. 

The sixth track on the album titled ‘Therapist’, immediately takes you down a rabbit hole when listening to it. The story it was trying to tell explore the feelings and emotions that come with being your significant other, therapist/mother, and how it needs to come to an end. Oddly enough, it’s a story more people have been through than they would care to admit, accompanied by a punchy guitar it’s topped the list as one of my favourites. I’ve had it on a constant repeat.  

Finally, a quick mention to the penultimate track ‘Tired Now.’ It closes off the album with a soft gentle goodbye, eschewing the tone of the previous songs and finally feels like she has said all she needs and feels like it’s time to part ways. With the piano and intervening beat, you settle into a world of comfort. I feel as though I’ve been watching a movie play out through my own eyes and ends with the conclusion we didn’t want, invested in the characters journey emotionally.  Overall, this album most definitely deserves a listen from all. If you’re in need of some man hating, relationship breaking stuff, this will go down a treat.  

By Niamh Rowley

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