Are we closer to the end of NHS strikes?

By Bailey Haslam

The government has improved the terms of their offer of a pay rise to the NHS, lifting it to 5%. Along with NHS representatives, they will make a further decision about future pay rises later in the year. The pay deal was signed off after a meeting between the government and 14 health unions representing all NHS workers, apart from doctors and dentists.

The unions will now declare whether a majority of the workforce is in favour of the deal, which also includes a one-off lump sum, one union commenting ”it was almost certain a majority had reached.”
NHS staff and ambulance workers, nurses, physios and porters will also get a one-off sum of at least £1,665.
Unison head Sara Gorton claimed that the Joint NHS union group commented: “The hope is that the one-off payment and salary increase will be in June’s pay packets.” Ms Gorton added that health staff should not have needed to strike on such a scale – with nurses, physiotherapists and ambulance staff all taking strikes since December 2022.

The last time unions were in actual talks about the pay rise was last autumn.  Strikes have impacted health care, as well as reducing pay for workers at a time of a cost-of-living crisis.

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