Experience The Longest Running Open Mic Night In Chester

By Itay Gilad

Every Tuesday evening, Alexander’s Live, located in Rufus Court, Chester runs an open mic night. As a somewhat frequent attendee, I went this Tuesday, and this was my experience…

I enter the venue the second the doors open to secure a table, as it’s the most packed I have ever seen it before. After a short wait, we are introduced to the host of tonight, Ethan. Alexanders bring in a different host every week for the open mic, so it is impossible to tell who will be running the festivities each week.

Like always at Alexanders, the open mic is not exclusive to singers – there is always some form of stand-up, and poetry at times too. On Tuesday, one of the performers comes on with a banjo and performs a mix of spoken word and singing. However the highlight of the night is without a doubt a very moody, original song which consists of a very simple guitar riff which is looped to create a very atmospheric, and slightly melancholic, sound. This proves that at Alexanders, the unexpected is always a possibility.

One of the main factors that always draws me back to this venue, however, is the people. It is very rare to find a group of people who support each other so much; and especially with music, since it is such a subjective subject for some. That’s as evident as ever on Tuesday. Compliments are flying all over the place, people laughing, chatting with each other and clearly happy to be at the venue, sharing this experience with everyone else in the room.

As it is a bar as well as a venue, I cannot resist and have to get myself a Blue Moon – one of the nicest pints in town, I believe! This venue almost feels like a pub or jazz bar with the laid back atmosphere and the table setup inside the venue. This is once again, always evident inside this venue as people rarely leave their seats, and the tables are set up so that people can always have someone new to talk to, which is also always a positive. On Tuesday, I have the chance to catch up with a small amount of people I have encountered inside this venue before. This always makes the experience that much more enjoyable, all adding up to make this Tuesday one of my nicest experiences inside of Alexanders.

Overall, it is near impossible to find a better way to spend a Tuesday evening in Chester. With the open mic nights, Alexanders have created a hub of creativity where literally anyone can show up and play, sing, crack jokes and have a chance to show their talents. With great drinks and great people in attendance every week, it is impossible to not have a good time, and I will continue attending.

If you are interested in attending or playing, sign-ups for the open mics start half an hour before doors open at 8pm. Alexanders Live can be found in Rufus Court, Chester.

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